Campus Life

Performing Arts Program

Our Pre-Grammar students focus on finding and developing their beautiful singing voices, feeling and expressing steady beat, matching pitch and listening skills. They learn classroom procedures and work diligently to earn the prized "I Love Music" sticker, give to two students at the end of each class.

Our first and second grade students learn to be "beatful, tuneful, and artful." They master the music readiness skills needed to become super sight readers.

Our third and fourth grade students sight read rhythms, play complicated musical games, and sing with a beautiful tone. It is a joy to see the musical fruit of all their hard work.

Visual Arts Program

UMS schools cultivate the visual imagination of students through our three visual arts programs. Our first art programs begins with our youngest pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students who create art projects centered around our wholesome "Five In a Row" book curriculum.

Our second art program offered is art history for first through twelfth grades. We choose selected artists and art movements for inspiration to create projects based on ancient, medieval, early modern and modern time periods. Students learn how art is an important part of history as they document the past through famous and gifted artists and their beautiful works of art.

Our third and final program is an elective drawing class. Students in Logic school (grades 5-8) may be enrolled in one of our elective drawing courses, "Introduction to Drawing I" and "Introduction to Drawing II."

In these two courses, students learn the importance of creativity and why beauty matters, through a biblical worldview. Using various art mediums, students develop drawing skills throughout this course as they apply the truth, beauty and goodness into their artwork and develop a sense of true beauty as a Christian artist.


SBSUM is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), which is the largest independent high school athletic and arts organization in the country, allowing our students in grades 9-12 to compete against other schools across the state of Texas at the high school level.

Sports Philosophy

We believe sports are an integral part of the development of our student athletes. Our pre-grammar and grammar students may be involved in a variety of sports through local sports associations. Please join other SBSUM families and students who actively take part in these leagues. Sports are an excellent opportunity for young students to grow and learn as student athletes show moments of brilliance and score hard-fought goals. Sports unifies, entertains, and pushes our limits, and that spirit is alive and well at Second Baptist School University-Model. Students in the fifth through eighth grades participate in competitive athletic conferences against other private schools across the area, while ninth through twelfth grades students participate in TAPPS, which is the largest private school conference in the country, and spans across Texas.


Development & Sportsmanship
We want to intentionally develop good sportsmanship, whether we win or lose, which is first modeled by our parents and in our practice efforts. You can expect staff and parent coaches to care about your child's athletic development and spiritual development.

Sports & Community

Community Building
We care very much about our community and are constantly looking for ways to invite and involve parents to be active participants in the SBSUM family. Sports afford us a gateway to interact while supporting and exposing our students to team sports. Not only do parents play a decisive role in the academic regimen of their children, but they also play a part in their physical development.


Our volunteers are a key aspect of growing our community and create opportunities to serve one another. Our volunteer parents support our sports, our mission, and our school all throughout the year. SBSUM will have a variety of volunteer opportunities.
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